Feedback from Students & Teachers

 ~ María is a wonderfully engaging trainer and the two sessions she has delivered for us had the right mix of theoretical framework, practical demonstrations and anecdotes drawn from her own experience. The simplicity of her method makes it easy to implement and so to yield the best results for both students and tutors.~ Yolanda Fernández, Programme Manager, Morley College

~ As a Spanish teacher, I have always tried to find a way to facilitate the learning of students, especially those who are learning Spanish as a first foreign language. María's workshop on learning strategies, which I attended at the end of last year, was a very important step forward for me in that search. It has encouraged me to put different strategies into practice in my classes (use of colours, elaboration of mind maps, and so on), and to ask my students to reflect on their learning process. Since doing this, I have observed that several of my students at beginner level have made very significant progress, and all of my students have greater confidence and general satisfaction with their rate of learning.~ Cristina Gómez de la Torre, Profesora de ELE

~ María’s workshop on language learning strategies has truly inspired tutors working for the programme to widen their repertoire of pedagogical tools to support students, not only by teaching them how to organise and manage their learning but also by introducing them to effective tactics to learn a language. These will enable learners to be the best language students they can be and to understand the key role they play in their own success.~ Maysa Bogao, Language Coordinator, University of Westminster 

~ With María´s coaching and clear insights into how language learning actually works, I could access strategies and principles that make learning a new language feel possible again. It now feels both fun and easy. Rather than having the feeling of having to climb a mountain it now feels more like “hey, lets play! ~ Stefan Wetterholm, Life Coach

~  Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us: the dynamics of the workshop helped me to see how the practice you proposed could be made possible. The theoretical foundation, together with the bibliography provided, was very comprehensive and has been of great help to me.~ Ana Griñón, Directora ALCE Londres

~ Learning a new language is an amazing experience particularly for someone like me coming from a multicultural background. The approach and delivery of María´s classes were perfect. I have struggled in the past when I have attempted to learn Spanish however this time I am able to speak confidently and retain more information because of María´s teaching methods. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and I am continuing studying Spanish!~ Sabrina Miller, Student of Spanish

~ One of the things that I liked from María’s lessons is the way she introduces vocabulary and teaches pronunciation because it helps me to enhance and internalise those words in each topic. Words make up a language hence, I find them beneficial for communicating with my Spanish friends. I also found the visual learning through images and videos effective, since they reflect real-life situations in using Spanish.~  Noorul  Mohd Nayan, Student of Spanish

~   I attended María Blanco's workshop "In the Classroom: Multiple Intelligences and Learning Strategies", which took place at the Instituto Cervantes in London. It was a wonderful workshop: very clear, well planned, and with conclusions from her own experience in the classroom. It helped me a lot to have a clear vision of the different types of strategies that exist and what activities we can use in class to activate them. For me, the strategies were more related to students’ own personal learning styles and beliefs, but this workshop made me see that these individual strategies can be activated in class and in an enriching way for everyone. It also helped me to reflect on the need to include learning strategies in our class plans, and how to activate them, given the enormous benefit they have in increasing student motivation and confidence. Especially interesting were the listening strategies, given the enormous difficulty of understanding oral messages for a large number of our students. 

I also found the workshop activity that Maria did to fit the types of intelligence with the contents of the activities carried out in class very significant. .~ Nieves Haya, Profesora de ELE, Instituto Cervantes Londres

~ I really enjoyed the broad range of materials that María uses, which were always engaging and relevant to real life situations. María recognises the potential in her students and challenges them to do better than they think they could. She is very good at motivating.~ Ivanka Pinkasova, Student of Spanish

~ Learning Spanish with María was truly a fun and enjoyable experience throughout my time at the University of Westminster. She is helpful and cares about the development of her students.~ Guliad Ahmed, Student of Spanish